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Great forum. I am using Office 365 and have added a Surface RT. Is it possible to continue to use Outlook and have calendar and people as well as email sync on all my devices? I use an IMAP email account but could also use POP3. I want to use the Surface RT as my main Outlook device but would like to have calendars/people/tasks flow through to my desktop, netbook, laptop, & Android phone. It seems that the Surface RT has a version of Outlook that has less functionality than Office 365 and I have never been able to get anything but email to sync other than using Companionlink to syn calendar items to a google calendar. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The RT version is basically the same as Office 365 Home - it won't support some Exchange/business features - the basic stuff will work, including pop3 and imap as well outlook.com + calendar and contacts. POP3 and IMAP are email-only (for sync) - those protocols don't support calendar and contact sync to the server.

Google calendar won't sync without a utility to any version of outlook - you could subscribe to the calendar but that is a read-only calendar.
Thanks for the reply. Is there anyway I can have Outlook email, calendar, people, & tasks on the Surface RT and on my Android phone? The desktop, netbook, & laptop would be nice but I can live without it. Or is there another solution similar to Outlook?
Unless you have outlook.com or Exchange, you can't share calendar and contacts between android and RT - RT doesn't support addins or applications outside of what is in the store.

If the mail, calendar and people apps in Windows support syncing with google, that would work - but it's not outlook. (and I'm not sure they can sync.)
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