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Does anyone know of a basic accounting software that connects with Microsoft Outlook 2013? It's for a non-profit to track donations and expenses and print tax receipts for donors.

I've been using Microsoft Money (sunset deluxe) for years and would love to have it all connected instead of exporting or mail merging data all the time.

I now have mailchimp connected to Outlook, so to get some sort of accounts software connected would mean I only have to update ONE database. *dreaming*
There was an old Accounting software that interfaced with BCM but it ended about the time Money did - and with Outlook 2007's BCM.

AFAIK, the only other software that links to outlook is QuickBooks. There is a CRM called InfoFlo that has invoicing software, CRM Software | Customer Relationship Management, but invoicing is easy with a macro. I have a sample macro here - Create a Letter to a Contact using VBA - when it's ready to complete, I have a word macro to add the information to a spreadsheet.
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