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In my Outlook 2010 I have two business emails and have created two separate calendars for them. So, resulting a Primary and Secondary calendar. When scheduling meetings from the Primary this works out meaning when recipients respond to the meeting I can see the updates into my Primary calendar. However, when I schedule meetings from my Secondary Calendar (my second business email account) I keep getting the message:

  • Response to this meeting request will not be tallied because this meeting is not in your main Calendar folder. Is this OK?
From what I understand the recipients will still get the meeting schedule but when they accept it I do not see this accepted into my Secondary calendar.

I have searched through the WWW and it mostly tells me that "Responses Will Not Be Tallied" when using a secondary calendar. Can someone confirm to me that this is the actual case and if so is there any way to get around this i.e. we can tally responses from Secondary calendars.

Many thanks.
It is the case with secondary calendars. However, since you use Outlook 2010, if you'd deliver mail to separate data files, it should tally the results for the default calendar in *each* data file that is used for delivery.

You can click in the accept field on the Tracking tab to mark the users as accepted/declind as their responses come in.

Thanks for the reply. Is there any link for that or instruction page you could refer to me?

I have a video here - it's really easy to do though. Open the Tracking page and right click in the tracking field and select the response.

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