Replacing the extension symbol "x" with ";" ?

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I am looking to find a way to replace the default character before extensions "x" with ";" in order to ensure compatibility with android devices, is this possible?

My new android phone goes crazy when I am trying to call someone with extension in their phone number, and sends weird symbols to network, resulting in "call cannot be completed" error. So I cannot even call the main number before extension. Android considers "," as extension with 2 sec pause, and ";" as wait for prompt to dial.

I am using Exchange corporate account with Blackberry (which runs perfectly fine) and now trying Android 4.0.4 with Exchange ActiveSync Server.

Thanks in advance.
i assume you want to automate the process - otherwise, you just need to type over the x with a ; - do it from the main contact page, not check number dialog.

Do not ever press the number button to open the check number dialog - it will add the x to the extension.

For automated updating, see if the custom replace option in the big number tool at phone number management can make the change.
Hi Admin,

Thank you for your response. Yes, for the new contacts I have no problem, I can simply add ; instead of x in the phone number field, but I would like to replace all X's with ; and if possible replace it in the future so that if I use the phone number dialog box it will put ; instead of x.

I can also possibly export all my contacts to CSV and then replace the X's but then I will lose all the formatting I have in my Notes (where I keep excel charts, some html formatted info, etc.. in some cases)

I will still be out of luck for those in GAL and Shared Contacts, but I have no choice, it is extremely unconsidered for google to simply change the extension character/symbol.
I know of no way to change it in the gal or shared contacts. I'd try the big number tool I mentioned earlier and see if it will make the change for you. If not, you'll need to edit the contacts. If you use in-cell editing it can go pretty fast - as long as you don't have too, too many.
In cell is a great idea, maybe I can use some custom filter to filter out the ones with X or extension in them and work on those first.

Meanwhile Big Number is an excellent tool but I don't think it works with Win 7 64bit. :(
Thank you for taking time to respond again. I am still on trial run with Android, and after reviewing Google's new policy, I may just return it and go back to Blackberry. If that happens to be the case, I will not need to replace the x's but this brainstorming session helped me figure out the filter/replace idea.

I may also try Windows Phone 7.5 one day, and if that happens, I will be able to test it on that device, hoping that Microsoft was kind enough to make it compatible with their other products (unlike the case with most other software MS offers, each with mind of their own)
The x's should work fine with a windows phone - i don't know why driod did it that way since most contact apps use x as the extension.
Who knows, maybe Google on purpose did not want to include it.. The funny thing is google/Gmail contacts on web interface also use X for extension.

However, I realized that comma is the universal character for Pause.

When I type , on my blackberry, it replaces it with a black box with P in it (for pause). But it does not recognize, or allow ; (semicolon) which is used by Android OS as "Pause and wait for prompt to dial".
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