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Dear Diane,

May I ask your help how (if at all) possible to extend the functionality of the pickfolder dialog with a "Don't Send Message" button ?

In more detail what i am aiming for:

This is the code (thanks to you) what i use to select in which folder to save the message before I send it (works perfectly!):

Private Sub Application_ItemSend(ByVal Item As Object, Cancel As Boolean) 'This is the dialog to ask where to save sent items with folder select dialog. Cancel put mail into default sent item folder
 Dim xNameSpace As NameSpace
 Dim xPickFolder As Folder
 On Error Resume Next
    Set xNameSpace = Outlook.Application.Session
    Set xPickFolder = xNameSpace.PickFolder

    If TypeName(xPickFolder) = "Nothing" Then Exit Sub
    Set Item.SaveSentMessageFolder = xPickFolder
 Set xPickFolder = Nothing
 Set xNameSpace = Nothing
End Sub
This has 2 options:
A) Select the folder where to save the sent message.
B) Cancel = Save the message at the default Sent Items folder.

What I would dream to have is a 3rd button "Don't Send Message", which would act as follows:
- When it is pushed, cancel the process of sending the message
- Remove it from Outbox folder (if needed to cancel the sending process. it can be also moved to Draft folder if needed)
- Re-open it for editing.

BIG thank you for your time and help, in advance!
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