Outlook SendUsingAccount to change from account

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Hello! I have searched all over the web and have been unable to locate a

solution... the closest I came was a thread on here so I joined.

My problem is sending a message after changing the sending account in

VBA. I get an error - "You Cannot Send An Item That Is Already In The

Process Of Being Sent"

Here is the thread that talked about a solution using a timer to get

the message sent but I don't understand how to implement a timer in

Outlook - http://tinyurl.com/r79d4w

And here is my code - fairly simple, it gathers up the pop3 accounts

and presents them in a popup message to select the account to send from.

The selecting and changing accounts works fine but the messages can't be

sent. I have documented in the code where the error happens.


Option Explicit

Private Sub Application_ItemSend(ByVal Item As Object, Cancel As


Dim oAccount As Outlook.Account

Dim strDefaultAccount As String, strMsg As String, strID As String

Dim strAccounts(100)

Dim c As Integer, i As Integer

Dim result As Variant

c = 1

'get default account

strDefaultAccount = Application.Session.Accounts(1).DisplayName

'get pop3 accounts

For Each oAccount In Application.Session.Accounts

If oAccount.AccountType = olPop3 Then

strAccounts(c) = c & " - " & oAccount

'Debug.Print strAccounts(c)

c = c + 1

End If


'build inputbox account list

strMsg = "Click Ok to use default account or enter the number of

the account to use...." & vbCrLf

For i = 1 To c

strMsg = strMsg & vbCrLf & strAccounts(i)

Next i


'message id

'I think this is the id i need to recall and send the message?

strID = Item.ConversationIndex


'display inputbox

result = InputBox(strMsg, "Select Sending Account",


'act on user input

Select Case result

Case strDefaultAccount

'clicked ok - send from default account

Cancel = True

Set Item.SendUsingAccount =



'send error - "You Cannot Send An Item That Is Already In

The Process Of Being Sent"



Case IsNumeric(result)

'typed a number

If result <= i Then

Cancel = True

Set Item.SendUsingAccount =



'send error - "You Cannot Send An Item That Is Already

In The Process Of Being Sent"




'entered incorrect number - stay in message

Cancel = True

End If

Case Else

'clicked cancel or invalid entry - stay in message

Cancel = True

End Select

End Sub


Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Application_ItemSend() is too late, the item has already been submitted to

the mail transport by that time with the original email address. Handle that

earlier in the Item.Send() event.



Thanks for the reply!

The above code is run from ThisOutlookSession so that when you click

the Send button on a message you're prompted to set the sending account.

Which as you point is to late to change the account.

In that code window my only choices are General and Application... the

only way I know I could get the Item.Send event would be to call it from

a button on a form. And I have tried that, in the Application.Send, set

Cancel =True and then call my form. And then from the form, set the

sending account and try and send the message, but I get the same error.

Is there any way to change the sending account after I have clicked the

Send Button?

Or can I edit the default email message and place my code behind the

Send Button?



Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

In ThisOutlookSession put something like this at the module level:

Dim WithEvents colInsp As Outlook.Inspectors

Dim WithEvents oMail As Outlook.MailItem

In the Application_Startup() event handler instantiate the Inspectors


Set colInsp = Application.Inspectors

That will let you handle the NewInspector() event. In that event handler

something like this:

If Inspector.CurrentItem.Class = olMail Then

Set oMail = Inspector.CurrentItem

End If

That will let you handle the oMail.Send() event, which fires when you click

the Send button.

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