RecurrencePattern.GetOccurrence() fails on patterns from recurringTasks

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I'm getting a

"Member not found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80020003


error when I try to get a particular occurrence of a recurring task.

The MSDN documentation implies that you can get an particular

occurrence of an appointment or task using the following technique

(expressed here is pseudocode):

Item recurringItem = NameSpace.GetItemFromId(entryId,storeId);

RecurrencePattern pattern = recurringItem.GetRecurrencePattern();

Item occurrence = pattern.GetOccurrence(date);

That approach works correctly w/ recurring appointments,

however, .GetOccurrence() fails when the item is a task.

I'm sure that there is a recurring task on 'date', b/c I can see the

task in Outlook. I'm aware of the fact that GetOccurrence() will throw

an exception if there is no occurrence on that date; that's not the

issue I'm having.

Thanks in advance.

Re: RecurrencePattern.GetOccurrence() fails on patterns from recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks don't work the same way as appointments. There is no master

task with a RecurrencePattern that lists all the individual tasks in its

Recurrences and Exceptions collections. Instead, each task created by the

recurrence pattern is an independent item. Therefore, you should be able to

use MAPIFolder.Items.Find to search by the specific date and other

information you know about the task.

Sue Mosher
Re: RecurrencePattern.GetOccurrence() fails on patterns from recurring Tasks

Actually on the low level, the recurrence info on tasks is almost exactly

the same as on appointments.

It is just OOM defines the return type of the

RecurrencePattern.GetOccurrence method (that object is shared by both

appointment and taks objects) as Outlook.AppointmentItem, which makes no

sense for tasks.

Dmitry Streblechenko (MVP)
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