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Hi, I have Outlook 2010 on a POP a/c and use Win10, 64 bit. I refer to MYOB Account right Standard V19.8.
MYOB has a send email link. We can send invoices from MYOB. It uses Outlook as its email vehicle. The problem I have is that my version of MYOB does not allow me to request a delivery receipt. It would be a great help if we could do this. I realize that I can tick the box in Outlook, Options to allow this (and I do regularly) but this means that every email I send gives me a delivery receipt. I do not want that.
In the email I received from you today you mentioned rules. I am not familiar with this feature but is it possible to set a rule so that whenever Outlook gets a request from MYOB to send an email it ticks the request a delivery receipt box before it sends it and then unticks it after it has been sent?
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