cannot change delivery folders with IMAP accounts

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Hi all. I have Office 2016 on Win10. I have one Exchange account (O365) and a few POP accounts. Years ago when I set them up, I simply moseyed on over to each POP account's "Account Settings" screen, clicked "Change Folder", then chose the Exchange account inbox. Since then, all my accounts have been operating from one inbox, one outbox, one sent items folder, etc. Just the way I like it.

Today I got an email from GoDaddy saying they're phasing out POP for IMAP and that I should uninstall all the POP accounts and recreate them as IMAP, which I did. But now my beloved "Change Folder" button is gone, and a little googling seems to suggest that I can't combine inboxes anymore. This is going to be a major, major headache for me. Please tell me there's a way around this.
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