1. farrissf

    Outlook 2016 Optimizing Email Searches in Outlook 2016: Seeking Insights on Quick Search vs Advanced Search Features

    Hello everyone! I'm delving into the nuances of email search functionalities in Outlook 2016 and facing some challenges. Specifically, I often use the quick search feature (above the email list but below the ribbon), which provides options like "This Folder" or "All Mailboxes." This feature is...
  2. T

    How to find or display the sub-folder name for an Archive Search

    Hello, I sometimes need to search in Sub-Folders of my large and complex ARCHIVE file (usually to find a misplaced email dragged there). However, with OLK 2013, 2019, AND 2021, there is NO way I can find to get the folder name of where the found emails are actually located in the archive, and...
  3. A

    Any way to force sort by/group by on search results with VBA?

    Is there any VBA code that will take the current Outlook search results and apply a "sort" and/or "group by" on those results? When search results span many folders, it takes several steps to add the "folder" field back into the results and then "group by" that field. Is there some way to...
  4. H

    Outlook 2019 intermittent search results

    Hello, We have a user that is having issues with searching her calendar and email. She uses search heavily during her day-to-day. The issue is search is working intermittently in regards to showing results. Sometimes there is no issue and she’ll get prompt results, others she’ll have no result...
  5. H

    Search Email Header for Content Type

    Hello All, m facing a huge challenge with RTF Emails and need to find a way to find alle RTF mails inside a mailbox. As a little background: We are using a transparent encryption with Exchange Online. Anything leaving our Office will be encrypted. Microsoft therefore cant read any of our...
  6. MrMayor

    SENT mail not reloading to top??

    I search for an email in SENT to send my user an update (We have to copy header history, so I HAVE to do it this way). When I send the new message, my search does not refresh to the newest message like it used to. (We migrated from an ON PREM Exchange server to Online 365- is THAT the only...
  7. A

    Going to folder using shortcuts

    I have created 50+ folders and rules for incoming emails. I have a search for all unread emails. Does outlook have a shortcut so you can go to the folder of the email in your search? Let me reword this. My search I have an email and it's in a folder called "Dog". Can use shortcut Ctrl+??? and I...
  8. J

    Outlook 2016 After a search in all mailboxes, where is each message that was found?

    After a search in all mailboxes, what is the location [path] of each message that was found?
  9. J

    Message search and edit, another way?

    While composing a reply, I want to do simple repetitive editing of the message body: e.g. when cursor is at the '<' an e-mail address, e.g. "Wig, Big <>", I want to hit a hotkey and strip the address (leaving "Wig, Big"; bonus if it moves the cursor to the next '<'). Long ago...
  10. W

    Outlook 2016 search problem persists after applying all known solutions

    Windows 10 Home, version 1709, OS build 16299.192 Outlook 2016, version 1711, Build 8730.2175 PROBLEM: search in email folders does not work (“No results.”) Search in iCloud-based Contacts and Calendar works, but search in PC-based Contacts and Calendar does not work. Ran in Safe Mode --...
  11. B

    Search: Cannot find which Folder Contains a Message

    There appears not to be any way to find out in which folder a message is located, when found by search (OL 2016 and, I believe 2013). Picture this: You search for a message you've sent (to:mum) and Outlook comes up with a list. You've already got the column header 'In Folder' and all your...
  12. E

    Search for folder by key in subject then move new message to related folder

    I need to move the incoming message to the related folder if there is a loop for that depending on a key in the subject of the message. I developed a script for getting the key in the subject of new message. How can I search rest of messages by a key and retrieve related folder? Sub...
  13. E

    Outlook 2016 Inbox search bug

    I apologize, I do not know how to get the images in this interface. The problem: After an update in May or June 2017 the advanced search does not properly. When you select some search criteria such as putting a name in the “From:” field. If you switch away from the search box and open it later...
  14. M

    Recent Update Did not Fix Search Problems

    I have been (somewhat) patiently waiting for the Outlook 2016 search problem to resolve itself--as yet it has not. Search appears to work without error messages when searching in a mailbox account or a folder. However, when I search in "All Mail Boxes," I get the following three errors. ! in...
  15. C

    Outlook 2016: Searching in all (+public) folders

    I can't tell you how frustrated I was that Microsoft disabled the Windows Search feature in Outlook 2016 ! The ability to perform a single search in all of my 200+ public folders (and in my Inbox), with the aggregate results being displayed in a single window, was invaluable ! This is my first...
  16. H

    Search and delete part of a link inside HTML body message

    I am trying to create a rule to delete part of a link inside an HTML Email message. The body of the message source code is: <html><body><style></style> <p style='margin:0cm' dir=rtl bgcolor='#ffffff'><font face='Arial' size='2'> Order <a href =...
  17. Diane Poremsky

    How to perform a global search and replace

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  18. S

    Auto move search results to folder

    Hi, I am trying to make outlook search for specific key words in .txt attachments then move the emails with those attachments to a folder. The only way I was able to get some results is by using SendKeys. Code works up to he third line but when I add the last 2 lines and run I only get the...
  19. S

    VBA to search a keyword in attachment and move to a folder

    Hi, I am new to VBA and was trying to get outlook to search for a key word within an attachment then move the email to a folder if it found it. Normally I use the CTR E function and do attachment:'keyword' search this will show me all the emails that have that keyword (attachments I am...
  20. Diane Poremsky

    Search for All Messages from Contact and Display in New Window

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