Code to add items to list to deal with commas in value...

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Fred Boer


I am familiar with VBA in an Access environment, and am trying to teach

myself about Outlook. I am working on a custom form, and I've created a

combobox. It is meant to hold names (e.g. Boer, Fred; Smith, Joe). I have

done some Googling, and I believe I need to put code in the Open event. But

I am struggling to get the code right. Could someone help?

Form is called "FredTest".

Tab Page is called "Current Referral"

Control on page is called "cboConsultant"


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Fred Boer

Never mind... I managed to get this coded and it works...

Thanks anyway!


P.S. Outlook sure seems strange to me! For example, if you change anything

on the first page, the whole thing changes style! Lucky I stumbled on a post

about that, cause it was starting to make me crazy! :)
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