VBA to ensure a code is entered in Subject title


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Hello all, Can anyone help me with some VBA coding, I am totally new to this and have managed to set up a pop warning on outlook to remind people to check recipients before sending, now I have been asked to set one up to ensure a specific code (which changes per Client) is entered in the subject title, no idea where to start, not all emails need this code but the majority of them will and as I said they differ per email.

Diane Poremsky

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Do you need to just check for a code or do you need the correct code for the recipient? Checking for a keyword is fairly simple, especially if the keyword is always a specific # of characters. I think I have a macro for a keyword, somewhere. Will look for it. If I recall, it checks for a keyword - 'secure' or something similar and also checks the recipients. As long as the code is easily identifiable, simple changes to the macro will work, but If the codes are more complicated and vary in length, regex might be needed.