transfer email account settings from Outlook 2007 to 2010

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How can I import my email accounts settings from Outlook 2007 to the 2010


Duncan McC

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Santo says...

> How can I import my email accounts settings from Outlook 2007 to the 2010
> version_

*Don't* use the import function. Just copy your old PST file across,

and then File Open (Outlook data file) it in Outlook.


Russ Valentine

You can't.

Create them yourself.

Russ Valentine

"Santo" <Santo> wrote in message
> How can I import my email accounts settings from Outlook 2007 to the 2010
> version_


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You can't.

Create them yourself.

Russ Valentine

"Santo" <Santo> wrote in message
> How can I import my email accounts settings from Outlook 2007 to the 2010
> version_

Yes you's easy and virtually seamless:

  1. Buy a copy of ABF Outlook Backup ( $40
  2. Install it on both the 'donor' computer and the 'recipient' computer, with Outlook present on both.
  3. Back up the Outlook on the first machine
  4. Transfer the file to the 2nd machine
  5. Restore Outlook on the 2nd machine using the program and file.
  6. You are done.

Best forty bucks I ever spent. I spent hours looking around various web sites and forums, and was constantly informed (like above) that I would have to hand key in my 21 e-mail addresses into the accounts, cut and paste .pst files, etc.

The task looked daunting. I Googled "tranfer Outlook from one computer to another" and "move outlook 2007 to outlook 2010", and a hundred derivations of the same. They all said the same things.....major labor, registry edits, and worst of all, as Russ advised, manual account data reconstruction.

Deeply buried in one thread was a reference to Outlook Backup. Kind of a second thought in someone's message. So, I looked at it, and tried it.

None of the above hassles of cutting, pasting, and manual entry were account info, settings, signature files, fonts, backgrounds, all e-mails, archive data, etc was seamlessly moved.

I had to fix about five of my folder 'rules' on the new computer...somehow, those moved but needed editing. Ten minutes. Everything else was PERFECT.

I'm up, running, and happy.

And, I will be from time to time running a backup of Outlook with the handy program, and storing it off site in the event I have an Outlook crash or data destruction.

Once in a while, great software comes around...this is it, and it's reasonably priced.

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That is the only app I am aware of that does a decent job. Windows Easy Transfer should be avoided at all cost - its ok to use it to move the pst file (but not necessary). I'm not sure why you would need to edit the registry - the registry entries that get screwed up are binary editing them is not recommended - its easier to make a new profile.

The only cost free method is to do it yourself, which isn't all that difficult unless you have a ton of accounts (like the guy with 50!)

For the steps needed to move outlook manually, see move outlook to a new computer


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actually migration from one version to another version causes series damage to the pst file. because during migration process only certain folders of PST file migrates to new or other version and leaves certain or other folders, which causes PST file damage, or it doesn't gets open in other system due to lose of Outlook settings. To transfer email account setting you need use Remo Outlook backup and migrate software, which comes with good user interface comes with all Outlook items enables you select the necessary folder among Outlook items. you can download demo version to check it's functionality.
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