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Hi I need some help on how to Reconfigure the standard Outlook settings on all machines.

Our standard Office 2010 installation was done with a .msp that configured the Outlook profile and created an account with %username% and set the Exchange proxy settings.

Now we have migrated to a new exchange server along with some new exchange proxy settings. We have autodiscover turned on so on all current users that already has an Outlook Profile on their computer will automaticly get the new server and proxy settings.

The problem arises when a new user logs on to a computer they never have been logged in to before and starts Outlook. Because the Outlook is configured with the old server and proxy settings the Outlook will fail. The only thing to do then is to delete the current Outlook Profile and let it auto create a new one that will pick up the settings from autodiscover.

What is the easiest way to reconfigure all the machines to change their standard outlook profile settings?
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