Compound IF, OR, AND in Outlook form


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I have a formula that checks for two conditions. Both conditions 1 and 2 must be met. If the condition is met, an error message is displayed

1. Rank is set to "High" or "Medium"
2. Disposition is blank.

I am able to get condition 1 and 2 to work separately as follows:

1. IIF( Rank] ="High" OR [Rank]="Medium" ,"Invalid Entry","")
2. len([Disposition])>0

However and I try to combine the "OR" with the "AND", nothing works. I have tried to combine the OR with the AND using several techniques such as the following:

IIF( ( [Rank] ="High" OR [Rank]="Medium") AND (len([Disposition])>0) ,"Invalid Entry","")

Any help will be highly appreciated

Diane Poremsky

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Did you try NULL instead of > 0? If there was no value in the field, it could be null - but if it had a value and the value removed, it might be 0.

If you test it with the IIF statement and text in the Disposition field, does it throw up the message?

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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See if this works - IIf([Rank]="High" Or [Rank]="Medium",IIf(NOT [Disposition] ,"Invalid Entry",""),"") - or not - its failing if there is something in Disposition but ignores Rank for me.

or try the two that worked for you - in nested iif
IIF( [Rank] ="High" OR [Rank]="Medium" ,IIF( len([Disposition])>0 ,"Invalid Entry","")","")


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Hi Diane Thanks for your help.
I have tried your proposals above and various variations of them.

The first one allows the form to be sent even when [Rank]= "High" or [Rank] = "Medium"

The second results in a syntax error while developing the form as follows:
"Error in validation formula -- String constant is not valid
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