Retrieving work week (start/end times) from outlook with VBA

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I've searched (object browser, help file, google), but no joy.

I'm pulling certain appointments (based on the contents of the subject line)

and I need to differentiate between any partial or full appointments that are

within the user's workday, and partial or full appointments that are outside

that user's workday (for the partials, I'll have to calculate the number of

hours that are actually within the workday). Different users have different

start and end times set on their calendar.

I haven't been able to find the part of the object model to show the

individual user's workday- can anyone point me in the right directions? Once

I have that I can calculate backwards to get the duration within the workday,

unless there is an easier way to do this somehow.


Those settings are stored in the registry, at

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\Options\Calendar (11.0 is for

Outlook 2003, for Outlook 2007 it's 12.0, etc.).

The values are stored as DWORD's, you will have to reverse engineer what the

meanings are, I'm not sure how they are interpreted by Outlook. Make changes

in the Outlook settings and see which registry values change and in what way

depending on the settings you change.

:( I think that kills my project.

I have code that pulls any appointment which includes "vacation" in the

title, and uses that to build a department vacation calendar. The problem is

that some folks use recurring appointments (monday, but recur 3 times) or

long appointments (start Mon 7am, ends Thurs 3pm). Right now I'm trying to

set it up so that a person with shared viewing permissions can run the

program for our whole department, so we don't have to bug each person to run

the code on their PC. In my example, the Thurs 3pm could mean 8 hours of

vacation if their worksday ends at 3pm, or it could mean 6 hours vacation, if

their workday ends at 5pm. Eventually we'll have people in another time

zone, and that will make it even tougher to figure out.

I'm surprised, because I would have thought that it would be useful

information to have available to others who are scheduling appointments. If

I'm scheduling an appointment with someone on the other coast of the US, or

someone in Europe, it sure would be nice to see their workday (other times

greyed out as unavailable) so that I could be respectful of their schedule.

Maybe that will be in Office2010...

Thank you,

I don't think it will be in Outlook 2010.

I really don't see the problem. All it takes is a number of changes to the

work week settings, saved from Outlook, with checking the registry each time

to begin to see what patterns there are for the relevant settings. A

registry monitor set to filter on changes to only that registry key will let

you observe the results of every change. Then you would know what the

settings are, what they mean and how to work with them. Maybe a half day's

work at most.

I'm flattered by your estimation of my programming skills ;-)

I'd be willing to learn how the registry setting works- the roadblock I was

referring to is that we wanted to set this up so that one person (who had

view-only permissions to everyone's calendar) could update the data from

everyone's calendars from the one PC. If the workday settings are on each

individual PC/Registry, then that one 'administrator' won't have access to


I think the intermediate solution would be to have each person document

their work hours manually in my output Excel file, and have the code check

each vacation appointment against the work hours for that employee. Then the

one adminstrator can pull the actual calendar contents from there out.


I didn't know how to do the registry monitor, but using your directions for

where to look in the registry, it was simple- posting here for future

searches on this topic.

Both the start and end times (Dwords) are hex representations of the number

of minutes into the day. So 7am = 7 hours x 60 minutes = 420 minutes; the hex

representation of 420 is 1a4. 6pm = 18 x 60 = 1080 minutes; the hex

representation is 438. Fortunately Excel has built-in tools to make the hex


Of course, now that I'm thinking about it, that's only the final answer for

the local staff (people in the same time zone). I need to do some research on

how time zones will play into this as well...


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