Outlook.exe 1.2Gb memory usage if running certain BCM reports

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In BCM if we run certain reports we notice that Outlook.exe will go up to around 1.2Gb of memory usage in task manager. Outlook will remain at this high memory usage until it runs out of memory and crashes. We are using Outlook 2007/BCM 2007 and have it configured to use a separate SQL Server and have tweaked the polling interval on the clients.

I was wondering if anybody had any troubleshooting steps or possible solutions to this issue.
Using that much memory isn't bad in itself - Outlook will take all free memory as needed - but its supposed to release it when another app needs it. Plus, it shouldn't crash.

Are there any useful error messages in The event viewer.
1,200Mb of memory usage seems extremely high to me for a desktop app but I am new to BCM. I have yet to see anything useful in event viewer. I have heard about turning on logging for the BCM client but haven't tried that yet. The desktops are all dual core with Win7 64bit and 4Gb or RAM and SQL is on a server that is running SQL Server.

Can anybody suggest some troubleshooting methods for BCM? The only things I have seen are uninstall and reinstall or create a new mail profile. This report does this on all client machines so I do not think it is necessarily client related.

Is there a record count or DB size that I should be looking at to see if we have outgrown BCM?
Outlook is a pig at the trough. :) Basic usage on my 4 GB desktop is about 400MB (doing nothing, just have it open). I'll see if i can repro the mem spike.
Here is some more information I was able to gather.

The report that the system has issues with is: ContactsBySourceOfLead

Here is a section of the log file generated by BCM when it failed:

[V] [17:49:44.0865714]Iris.Mapi.MessageStore: IMSCapabilities::GetCapabilities:Enter: 0x052a3e1c

[V] [17:49:44.0865714]Iris.Mapi.MessageStore: IMSCapabilities::GetCapabilities:Return: 0x052a3e1c, 0x00000000

[E] [17:50:44.4175714]BCMRes: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.

[E] [17:50:44.4175714]BCMRes: at System.Windows.Forms.Control.MarshaledInvoke(Control caller, Delegate method, Object[] args, Boolean synchronous)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.Invoke(Delegate method, Object[] args)
at Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.eCRM.Reports2.ReportGrid.ReportDocument_OnUIReportChanged(Object sender, UIReportEventArgs e)
at Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.eCRM.Reports2.UIReportRun.UIReportChangedDelegate.Invoke(Object sender, UIReportEventArgs e)
at Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.eCRM.Reports2.UIReportRun.FireOnUIReportChanged(UIReportEventArgs e)
at Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.eCRM.Reports2.UIReportRun.OnAsyncWorkCompleted(CancelEventArgs e)
at Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.eCRM.Reports2.AsyncControl.AsyncWorkCompleted()
Nothing there jumps out as a problem... hmmm. I wonder if net framework is the problem.

Does it always happen with certain reports and never with others? (I'm wondering if one form is corrupt.)
It does happen consistently on a particular report with all client PC's on this particular BCM database (ContactsBySourceOfLead) which I believe is a canned report. Are the reports saved in the database which would mean that they are shared across all PC's?
For some reason, i think they are stored in the db. But I could be wrong. I'll check tomorrow on my computer than has BCM.
It does look like the reports are saved in the DB. I found this MS article. I am going to try and recreate this report and see if it still crashes Outlook. I will let you know how it goes.

Save a modified report

There is no need to save a report that you haven't modified, since it is available from the Reports tab of the Ribbon. Saved reports are stored in the Business Contact Manager for Outlook database.
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