BCM 2007 no reminder visible at client PC in workgroup

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new installation onhost of db Business Contact Manager, which I imported as bcm file, which contains also reminderrs andhistory done in BCM contacts before.

The client PC sharing DB with host is getting connection with host db, everything there but reminders,which can be seen onhost in the view activities but not on the client. There you can only see reminders done in emails or calendar´of outlook (pc pst also on client). All reminders done in BCM can't be displayed on the client as we had before. client user can't work on the phone doing reminders which should become transferred to host and other way round.

!On the Lap top before we moved to Win7 on the host (XP SP2 everywhere) it was possible on the second PC it was not possible to see the reminders in the todobar.!

new contacts are transmitted both ways but not reminders (as it was earlier)!

win7prof 64, Otlook2007 sp3, BCM Version 3.008619.01 on both PC, sql 2005 (BCM is using), XP SP3 on the clients

whats wrong?

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Outlook 2007
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Hi admin,

no I dont think so. How can I check this and maybe uninstall homegroup/homenetwork?

We get new new datas to the client and als back if we create new contacts on the client. But no reminder

We also had this problem before on one Laptopclient (all XP).

regards and thanks for you r further info

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