Moving BCM 2007 Database to a SQL 2005 Server

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One of our users has been testing BCM and we now want others to start

using it, they have just been using a local database but now I want to

move it to SQL Server. I thought I could just backup the database and

restore it on the server using the BCM Database admin tool. I first

created a new database on the server with the admin tool then backed

up his local database and restored this onto the server.

This seemed to work however although user1 was still the dbo of the

database he could not access the database but users that I shared the

database to could access it just not the dbo. In Studio Manager when I

right clicked on the database and click properties under database it

had the owner listed as administrator. Administrator is the user I ran

the admin tool as. Is this owner different from the dbo? I even tried

using the command sp_changedbowner to make sure the dbo is set

correctly and it now shows in Studio Manager as user1 instead of

administrator but the user still cannot access the db.

If I try and connect using sqlcmd -E -S 'servername'\'instance','port


I get the following error:

C:\>sqlcmd -E -S 'servername'\'instance','port no'

Msg 18456, Level 14, State 1, Server 'servername, Line 1

Login failed for user 'domain\user1'.

I have read that instead of restoring the database I could just export

the data then the dbo would be administrator. However I think I will

then have a problem where user1 will no longer be able to create new

fields in BCM which they need to be able to do.

Any help much appreciated.
Just found out that if I detach the database when I Attach I can chose

who the owner is. I have select the user I want to be the owner and

now it all seems happy.
OK still have one small problem, although the dbo can access the db,

we can not assign any tasks to him, anything he created just has blank

in the assigned to box. It seems like he needs to have the database

shared for his user but as he is the dbo he can't be a shared user.
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