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Here is an issue nobody wants to address or fix. and Microsoft and Outlook personnel seem to be pretending it is a non issue because those persons do not have MS accounts. I have a hotmail email that over time has been converted/perverted to something different every-time you turn around. Mine was the free homail setup through my firefox browsers.

I HAVE NO MS account, no office 365, no outlook 2013 or 2016, so there is nothing to update or reinstall as just about every thread says to do. Mine was just again perverted by the migration to some new 365 server. Now again!! it is a non functional email that will open if left logging on long enough, today 17 mins to open my inbox.

After this migration now I cannot open attachments, because they dont even show up, and i cannot send them or even attach them now. The received attachments dont show up but i can forward the email to another address and they are there, and while forwarding they show up in the fwd email being prepared as a thumbnail. So the attachments are there, just not visible nor any format to view them, html nor plain text.

Composing and sending them shows the attachment icon but it is a dead non functioning icon, and does nothing after clicking dozens of times, it does not even react after being clicked. Replied emails are the same they have an icon to attach files but it is dead as well. Drag and drop does not work either.

So what is Outlook/Microsft plan to do about these email accts migrated to the new server without a MS program or account to upgrade or for the new email to use to function with,
it is clear you MUST have a MS program on your computer for the email program to work. So they obviously have the new Outlook mail setup to work only with computers that have Microsoft supporting programs on them to facilitate the function of the email program. It is no longer a stand alone email host that can be accessed through a browser.

MS has also killed any form of email forwarding, I opened a gmail with the same user name, to have a functioning email and Outlook will not allow the acct to be forwarded to gmail, it is denied every time, saying to contact MS, and then the acct has to be re-verified to be accessible.

SO? How do you fwd the emails to another acct so as to be able to have an email that will open timely and allow it to be used?
How is Outlook/MS going to address the free accts that do not have supporting MS programs to be opened through a browser and function as a stand alone email host?

Are people like myself being intentionally excluded to force closing the accounts or forced to buy MS product?


It has been over a week now. And an email account is not a MS account. The free Hotmail that you sign up with a browser and is a browser supported program is not an account that has a MS program download on your computer to upgrade. It is a stand alone email host that uses the browser. It is not an account that requires an upgrade to a specific version to work.

The new Outlook mail version on the 365 server, will not work unless you have the MS programs on your computer to support it, the email interacts with those programs and drivers to function, without them there are no drivers for it to use so therefore it opens but sits there as a dead function. MS support claims you have to buy office 365 for your email to work, and claims if you dont you will lose the email address.

Plus why have they killed any way to fwd those emails to another email address? Or what has changed in it that is stopping it?

So who or how do we get an answer to fix it, cust. service is no help?
[DOUBLEPOST=1476369099,1476110536][/DOUBLEPOST]No help at all.
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