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I don't know how to start a new thread so I will post my issue here in hopes I can get a response. The issue is transferring .pst files from Computer 1 / Windows 7 -64 bit Outlook 2010 to Computer 2 / Windows 7 -64 bit , Outlook 2013 pro. Copied .pst file from computer 1 onto a flash drive. Placed in a folder in computer 2 . Followed instructions for importing files from outlook 2013 in computer 2. Asks for my password for the .pst file. I have never set up a password for the .pst files or any other files or folders. Can not find a solution for this. Tried some suggestions found on the internet ( simple ones) did not solve the issue.
Is there a fix for this issue ?

Diane Poremsky

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I split it into a new thread for you. (For future reference, there is a New question in Using Outlook link in the blue bar at the top of the screen. I should probably reword it - looking at it now I'm thinking it means read new questions. :))

What have you tried so far? If a password utility from this list doesn't fix it, try getting a fresh copy of the pst.


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Dear Diane,

I trust you are well. May I request your assistance on this very annoying and frustrating issue.
I previously used MS Office 2010 and recently upgraded to Office 365 2013. I am trying to import the old Outlook files into Office 365 when the following error message occurs: C:\Outlook file\2014_xx_xx_xx_UTC).pst is not an Outlook data file (.pst).

I am currently unable to access all of old emails! Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Diane Poremsky

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Have you tried running scanpst on it yet?

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