Moving contacts from ICloud back to Outlook 2010

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I recently purchase a iphone 6+ switching from android. In doing so i ventured into icloud. When i activated icloud it copied all of my contacts and calender information from outlook 2010 to Icloud. I just wanted to use icloud like a drop box. Anyway..

I followed the steps that Diane posted on another thread to get my calender copied back and it worked great. But how do i get the contacts back into outlook?

I just want to get my contacts back into outlook and delete it from icloud. Please help.

I assume you selected the appointments (in list view) and copied them, if so, do the same thing: select them in the iCloud's contact folder and move or copy to the Outlook folders. If you aren't going to use the iCloud in Outlook, deselect the mail, calendar, contacts option in the iCloud control panel.
Thanks Diane,
There is not icloud contacts available. There is just suggested contacts and contacts which is blank. I did log into icloud on the web and all of my contacts are there. What about exporting them from icloud? Thank you for your help.
That's weird - they should be in the iCloud folders in Outlook. You should have Contacts and Contact in iCloud. Is there a Group called iCloud under the My Contacts group?

BTW, outlook 2013 doesn't create suggested contacts and you can delete that folder if you want.

The iCloud web exports as individual vcards or multicard vcard if you select more than one online (but outlook can't import multicard vcards). It might be easier to sign out of iCloud control panel, sign back in and let it set it up in outlook so you can drag the contacts...
No there is only Suggested contacts and Contacts. Here is a screen shot.
But there is icloud under my calenders. OK ill sign back into icloud and let it setup so i can drag them over. Thank you so much for your guidance.[DOUBLEPOST=1412215370][/DOUBLEPOST]i created 1 record. this is the main one that i didnt want lost.


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