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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
I am going to be using a new computer for my emails hence a different outlook than on my current PC.
How do I move my contacts to the new laptop without losing any of my contacts, folders and information etc.
Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
My account is a POP3 but i have followed your instructions on the copying of files and folders.
Do i copy the files on my USB Flash Drive to the new Laptop first then make a new profile in the New Outlook on the Laptop then add them to it??
Yes. Copy the pst to the new computer, then make a new profile and add the moved pst to it.
Hi, Diane - I've been following step-by-step instructions for moving my 2013 POP3 Outlook to a new computer. I am lost when you start talking about the Outlook supporting files and ribbons. It seems that you say just move the .pst to a new profile in your responses above, but in the tutorial you go into detail about moving but not moving SRS and XML because certain files are easily corrupted and exporting to RMZ files. I am glazed over. Do I need to do these steps? Thanks.
All you absolutely need is the *.pst - those extra files are just to get as many things back to "normal" as possible.
I have set up my profile and new account settings according to my ISP's instructions. The test email was sent and I got the congratulations message that the account was ready. When I open Outlook, all of my folders and files are there and complete, but the Send/Receive progress popup shows this error message for sending and receiving "Outlook data file cannot be accessed" . I've tried rebooting and it still comes up with the error message. Where have I gone wrong?
In File, Account settings select the email account and look at the bottom by the change folder button - what pst is it using? Click the change folders button and select the inbox in the data file you moved.

Can you access the email in the pst file without issues?
You are a genius! Thank you so much, it is working perfectly now:cool:
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