Ability to notify attendees when canceling past meeting is gone

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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Exchange Server
When you cancel a meeting in the future Outlook 2010 forces you to notify the attendees. Before a few weeks ago, we had the option to notify attendees when canceling a meeting in the past. Now we do not have the option, the meeting just deletes off the owners calendar (no prompts, no options) and remains on the attendees calendar. Anyone know why that would change?

I know most of the time that's a good thing, but not when your department absence reporting is based on an "Absence Calendar". Example someone schedules vacation from 3-5 today, they schedule a meeting with the "absence calendar" and the manager approves it. Things get busy and they don't leave until 6. Previously, they could cancel the meeting at 5:30 and when prompted, they would notify attendees. The Manager would see and remove the meeting from the "absence calendar". At the end of the week, no vacation time would be charged. For the last week or two, no one get prompted to nofity attendees when they cancel a meeting that occured in the past.

Any help would be appreciated. Jim.
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