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I have used Outlook 2003 for many years with XP. When I selected an email in my Inbox, whether is was new or been selected and or read before, it became background highlighted in blue. If I opened and read the email and then closed it, the selected email remained background highlighted in blue. This was very convenient for me as often I do not read emails in order and the selection could be in a list of very many. With it background highlighted it was easy to see and move to a folder or delete.

Now I have changed to Windows 7 and selections of new emails, whether read before or not, in the Inbox, once read, go back to the same white background as every other email in the list. However, if I click on the Inbox header the blue background appears. But, for several reasons, I would much rather it be the way it used to be... stay blue until I selected another email. What are the settings I need to make this happen. Thank you.
It may be a bug on how it works with Windows 7 because it should either stay blue or turn gray, not white (but its not on my list of known issues). Unfortunately, it won't be fixed because Office 2003 is out of support.

Here, it turns a light gray (I use the blue theme) on both winxp and win7 when the message list loses focus, although it definitely is a lighter gray. When the message list has focus, the selected message is blue.

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