Enter Network Password Box keeps popping up in Outlook 2007

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I use GoDaddy as my e-mail provider. They have walked me through multiple times to make sure my settings are all OK. I am receiving e-mails just fine. I can't send e-mails and the Enter Network Password box keeps popping up. I have made sure that the username (my e-mail address) is the same and that my password is the same one that I use to access their e-mail via the web. I can't seem to solve this. Any ideas/help? I am running on Windows Vista.
I just fixed my enter network password pop up. After an entire week. Here is what I did.

removed the old email account and added a new email account info, but this time I used the Auto account setting window (your name, email, and low and behold, password) hit enter. Some how the settings that my ISP gave me are not working for Outlook 2007. Outlook used default settings that work and I have not got that popup for hours now. Instead of the 995 Outlook 2007 uses 110 and old setting and outgoing server(SMTP) new is 465 but its using 25 just fine. If its not broken why fix it. I will keep these settings till I see some problem. Then if its acting up I will change back to getting the nagging pop up
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