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Hi. Still using Outlook 2003, POP3 only with 3 Yahoo accounts and 3 Comcast accounts. I periodically have issues (mostly with Yahoo), where the "Enter Network Password" dialog pops up frequently during my automatic Send/Receives. Note that I am *not* asking how to resolve that issue, because it always *eventually* self-resolves, suggesting it is a problem on Yahoo's end. (None of the multitude of other "things to try" hints that I have read has ever helped at all thus far).

So my question is NOT how to prevent this from happening, but rather whether there is a way to make the dialog go away without manual intervention on my part every time it pops up. With the current iteration of this issue, which has been going on (intermittently but frequently) for three days on all of my Yahoo Accounts, I can hit OK when the dialog pops up; or just hit enter; or even click cancel (although of course in that case no mail would be received on that account until the next occurrence of Send/Receive -- not a big issue). Note that I do *not* need to tick the blank "remember password" box; as it hasn't actually been "forgotten."

So again, my question is whether there is any way to set Outlook to *automatically* do one of those three things (equivalent of OK, return or cancel) when the box pops up), so that things are not always held up until I manually intervene? I'd even be willing to consider a third-party program.

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