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In Outlook 2007, when I create an "all day event", the time gets filled in (and greyed out) as 12:00am. That's fine, since it is officially the last time of that day. However, it is also officially the first time of the next day.

This becomes a problem when trying to use an advanced filter to highlight items with

"End" that is

"on or before" a value of


Since yesterday's all day appointment is also technically part of today, the filter does not recognize that appointment as meeting the criteria and so does not highlight it.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a trick to get around this (technically correct but) odd behavior?

Thanks for any help!


P.S. I did search the forum for this topic, but did not see it already addressed. My apologies if I missed it.
I would probably use the Query Builder and add a filter for "end on or before today and is all day event" and OR it together with the filter you are using. There may be other fields you could filter on, but i believe all will require the query builder.
This is my filter with query builder and it seems to work ok -


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Outstanding! Thanks for letting me know about QueryBuilder. What a great tool.

Of course, it all turned out just a bit more complicated, because I wanted to have different formatting for appointments from "today". But after some experimentation, I got it to work they way I wanted.

I've attached some screenshots in case anyone else is looking for a similar solution.

Note: the "Completed" field is from an Outlook add-in called "GTD" by NetCentrics.

Thanks very much for your help, Diane.



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