Autocomplete, although enabled, does not complete names in TO:

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The Houstonian

I have turned on my Autocomplete, but it erases my ames sent in the TO: box,
everytime I turn off m computer. Help!
Home or corporate computer? Reason I ask is that in a corporate
environment, if the site has implemented mandatory profiles or is using
something that "freezes and restores" the computer to a certain
configuration at startup would account for this. What would be happening is
that the nickname file is being deleted between logons to the operating

"The Houstonian" <The Houstonian> wrote in message
>I have turned on my Autocomplete, but it erases my ames sent in the TO:
> everytime I turn off m computer. Help!

What version of Outlook are you using? What operating system are you
running? Are you exiting Outlook BEFORE you turn off the computer?

"The Houstonian" <The Houstonian> wrote in message
> I have turned on my Autocomplete, but it erases my ames sent in the TO:
> box,
> everytime I turn off m computer. Help!

I have the same problem. Autocomplete only remembers the names during the current session. When I close outlook (prior to turning the computer off) I lose everything. Home computer.


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