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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
I imported my Contacts into Outlook using a CSV file and all my Contacts are successfully in Outlook.

All my Contacts are also in the Autocomplete cache, because although it was empty to start with, I added all entries using 'Add from Address Book' using Nk2Edit.

The problem is that when I try and use Autocomplete in an email, only some of the Contacts appear and most don't.

I have renamed the Autocomplete cache to OLD, emptied the cache and removed the checkmark on Autocomplete in Outlook, then emailed someone and tested that the Autocomplete function worked and it did. Using Nk2Edit, I then merged the OLD cache with the cache that had the working email address and it still behaved the same way ... only some of the Contacts appear in Autocomplete, regardless of everyone being in the cache.

I have run ScanPST twice, all to no avail although it confirms that the repair completed.

I have run out of ideas,. so if anyone can think of anything to fix this, I would be delighted.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your response, but I started with a fresh Autocomplete cache with a known working single email address in it and merged that with the cache that had all of my Contacts.

My problem is that although all my Contacts are now in the Autocomplete cache, only some of them appear when I try to use Autocomplete.

The mystery is that no matter how many times I repeat this process, it is always the same few Contacts that appear when I try to use Autocomplete, even when I start again and populate the cache from the Address Book with Nk2Edit.
Right. But what you've got now, from the steps you've referenced having done already, admittedly isn't working for you.
The "blow-them-out" and the "repopulate" steps at the link above should be quick and painless; and having started with a clean slate...
Say that performing those two steps do not produce the results you're seeking -- Restoring a backup/renamed copy or Redoing the merge with Nk2Edit should be quick and painless and have you back where you are now.
Thank you.

Your last phrase is spot on ... having done what you have suggested a number of times now, I am back precisely 'where I am now'.

Unfortunately, this is not the solution to the problem. I wish it was.
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