Outlook 07 and OneNote 13


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Outlook 2007
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I recently upgraded from OneNote 2007 to 2013. I still have Outlook 2007. Since the upgrade, the icon in Outlook that's supposed to file an email in OneNote is not working (it looks like the OneNote 07 icon). It wants me to update the settings through Outlook Integration, which is not an option in OneNote 2013. I've updated OneNote 2013 to have Outlook emails go to a certain folder but Outlook is still saying "destination section" is not there - update using Outlook Integration. If I have OneNote 2007 open, it will send the email there but this error comes up if it is closed. Is there any way I can update Outlook 07 to send emails to OneNote 13? This is one of my main uses of OneNote.

Thank you!