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I want to send emails from BCM
Is it possible to use templates and to add the name and adress of my customers to the mail?
When I press the botton "E-Mail" a new mail opens but only with the email-adress of the customer
I need a template of our Company and the name and adress of the customer!


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thank you. you mean "mail merge" from WORD?
is it like this?

isn't it laborious?
1 Open a new document in Word (CTRL+N)
  1. From the "Mailings" tab, click "Start Mail Merge | Labels..."
  2. Select your label paper type (e.g. Avery US Letter 5163) and click "OK"
  3. From the "Mailings" tab, click "Select Recipients | Select from Outlook Contacts..."
  4. Choose the "Business Contacts" folder and click "OK"
  5. A list of your Business Contacts will be displayed. Just click "OK" since we'll select specific recipients later.
  6. From the "Mailings" tab, click "Address Block"
  7. Select your desired address options, then click "OK"
isn't it possible to do this from BCM with the desired contact open?

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
I wouldn't call it laborious - if you start it in BCM it's generally faster than starting in word and selecting the bcm contact. In BCM, select the contacts you want to send mail to, choose Marketing > Mail merge, word template.


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thank you for your answer. I found it only now. Sorry for that!
I have Outlook 2013 and BCM in german. I tought I have to open Mail merge from WORD. Thank you


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I am sorry, but I do not understand how to open
If I make a template in Word and I want to start it from Outlook/BCM with Information of 1 customer, how can I do this?
I also searched Videos in YouTube but there is only mail merge, but not for only 1 customer and not with word/templates

could you hel me?
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