Outlook Appointment issue when synchronized with iCloud 2

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Having synchronized Outlook Calendar with iCloud 2 and an iPhone 4s the notes attached to appointments in Outlook have lost most of their editing functionality, the options no longer appear on the Tool Bar & key strokes do not work?

Is there a fix?

Colin :confused:
Thanks for info.

Okay, as I suspected, would be great if one was warned by Apple!

If I uninstall iCloud will Outlook return to its original functionality?

If I do run Oulook as a local program again will the local PST file be updated from the iCloud main.db iCloud Outlook data file or will I loose the synchronised data?

Do you know of any PC / iPhone synchronised Calendars / diaries that wil integrate Outlook data and work effectively?

I have issues with Tasks as well but will try & sort appointments first.

Thanks again.

Yes, uninstalling it will return Outlook to it's original functioning state. (It's in that state now, but only when you are working with appointments in the outlook data file, not iCloud.)

Outlook needs iCloud to sync with iCloud db. You'll need to copy the synced data back to outlook if you want it in outlook. If you don't, it will stay in the iCloud and be on your phone or iPad.

Companion link is the only sync utility I'm aware of.
Correct. the iCloud does not use the rich text editor, so your editing options are limited. There is no fix at this time. sorry.
I have a similar problem with Outlook. I have found that CTRL+C and CTRL+V work. My problem is that I cannot SAVE any text that I type or copy into the appointment detail box. If iCloud eliminates the ability to SAVE appointment details it's value is very limited. Am I missing something? Thanks.
Hmmm. That is a new one to me, so I don't think its the iCloud. Are you pasting formatted text? Are they new or existing items? Test it with new items - its possible the iCloud thinks it has the newest existing items and syncs it's copy.
Hmmm. That is a new one to me, so I don't think its the iCloud. Are you pasting formatted text? Are they new or existing items? Test it with new items - its possible the iCloud thinks it has the newest existing items and syncs it's copy.
I established a new outlook user and the calendar work correctly. I think that iCloud has somehow stripped MSO Calendar of some functionality. Specifically, I create a new appointment. I enter some test text in the details box. I have tried to save the appointment three ways ... SAVE+CLOSE ... close the appointment and say SAVE when prompted ... click the SAVE (disk) icon. When I re-open the appointment, the text that I entered is gone. I am not sure that the iCloud add-in has even been accessed since the SAVE failed. By the way, I only use the CALENDAR - ICLOUD which is then synced to my iPad and iPhone. Not sure where to go from here!
I have just the same problem. If I have a new calendar entry open I can paste/type text in there and it will save. If I open any existing entry, it won't let me edit the text there, and anything I add is not saved. I also can't paste attachments. What's the point in that? Do I need to change a setting or something? I've looked everywhere for something obvious.
This is with iCloud? There is not a setting you can change, it's a limitation of iCloud. You should be able to edit text.

Do you know which iCloud build you have ?
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