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Is Favorites in the upper part of Mail section (in Outlook 2013) the same as Shortcuts section, except that it's limited to Mail? It's been a few years since I last used the favorites in Outlook, and I think there used to be only one of these. I assume there's probably no way to keep Favorites in sync with a Shortcut Group?

Also, is there any way to move the two "mini monthly calendars" which appear above the folders/shortcuts list on the left (when you switch to calendar), to some other part? (i.e. anywhere but there... I think they used to be on the right... it's kind of annoying as they move the folders down and reduce their "real estate"...)

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No, they aren't the same, although they serve a similar purpose. Shortcuts pane can hold folders or files or applications, mail favorites is mail only. They don't stay in sync.

Calendars: no. You can slide the bar up so only one shows. In older versions, if the to-do bar navigation calendars were visible, the ones on the left weren't. They changed the calendar control for the new to-do bar so that doesn't work any more. :(
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