Outlook 2013 Adding Outlook.com breaks profile, "Outlook not working" messag

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I want to sync my Outlook 2013 contacts/calendar with Outlook.com.

It worked, once. However, the next time I tried to start Outlook 2013, I got the "Outlook has stopped working" message.

The only way I have found to get Outlook 2013 to work again is to EITHER 1) create a new profile without the Outlook.com address OR 2) go into Mail setup, and change the default data file to any file OTHER than the Outlook.com file.

In the 2d fix above, Outlook 2013 will still work if the Outlook.com file is an available account as long as it is NOT the default data file. Of course, since it's not the default data file, it's not automatically sync'g to my Outlook.com account either. Not good.

I have reinstalled the Office suite via my Office 365 subscription from scratch and it didn't help. I have run the repair tool on the outlook.com ost file, and that didn't help.

Any other ideas?

Diane Poremsky

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the outlook.com account should sync if its in the profile - being set as default means new appointments and contacts are created in that folder.

Has everything in the outlook.com account synced up to the server? If so, remove the account from the profile and add it back. This will delete the data file and create a new one.
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