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Can I please ask opinions on the best Add-in for sending multiple emails from Outlook in terms of convenience and reliability as well as stability/compatibility (meaning "without issues").

I'm looking at things like Sperry Software's "Send Individually," MAPI Lab's "Send Personally for Outlook," and so forth.

Note that I've used Sperry's "Send Individually" in the past and it works just fine for me, and my current level of inquiry is centered more on finding relatively equal/comparable efficiency with something that I can be really confident is not going to have any issues with Outlook in an Exchange environment since this is for a business.

Sperry's Send Individually has worked fine for me for years, yes. And it does simply "send" a series of emails. The reason I'm making an extra effort to determine which has the "best" likelihood of being "free of issues" is that Outlook 2010 on my main machine has been acting up lately. It doesn't update changes to Contacts from the server made on other machines or in webmail unless I restart Outlook, or open Outlook in Safe Mode -- or disable the last remaining Add-ins that included only Evernote Clipper and Sperry software. It maybe that I'll determine Sperry had no connection with it. I'm still troubleshooting it. But now I have to install mass-email software on my other machine and I'm therefore all the more focused on this matter of having it be free of issues. Sperry has been on the system for years, though, so I have no reason for it to be suspect (other than it was in the list of the last few Add-ins that were disabled before the issue disappeared -- but it's still inconclusive until I do more troubleshooting).

Thanks so much!
Also, it seemed a good time to revisit the question of which product I'd prefer to go with and grow with since I'm about to get into a new phase of business where I'll be doing a lot of mass emails starting soon (using SmartSheet to control who to send what when, which I'll export as needed).

Thanks again!
Are contacts the only thing not updating? NAT routers are known to cause issues with refreshing folders. Although, if it works in Safe mode, its more likely an addin... you could test it with a new profile (a second profile) - if the new profile works, try deleting (or renaming) the ost file for the exchange account from the first profile and let outlook rebuild it. Corrupt SRS files can cause issues send & receiving, but shouldn't affect sync... but you could try deleting it before trying a new ost.
Thanks so much for the help.

I already wiped the profile and OST (all contents in the folder that has the OST, even) and recreated the profile. That didn't help. I just changed from DSL (yes, that -- look it up if your'e too young to know what it is :) ) to fiber (yaaayyy!!) but I'm still going through the same router, and based on the behaviors so far I agree that it's most likely an Add-in. I may be close to narrowing it down (I'll keep you posted).

Any chance you care to comment on what forum members (or you, if you're allowed to say) have tended to prefer between Sperry vs MAPILab vs any of the other primary offerings for sending individual/personal emails in mass with Outlook?
I haven't used a mass mailer utility in years, but generally speaking, applications from either company are top rate. It really depends on which one has the features you need and if they are identical, which looks better in your opinion - yes, aesthetics matters. :)
Thanks so much!

I've now disabled or in most cases no removed all Add-ins that were not needed. One that I got rid of that was "disabled" before is the Evernote Clipper, which a web search indicated has given a number of others issues (and which is far more recent than Sperry, which has been there for almost two years with no problems). And on my initial test leaving only the essentials -- including leaving Sperry enabled -- it seems to be working okay. So, I think I can rule out Sperry being an issue.

I'll report if that changes. Otherwise, assume it's remained the case after multiple additional tests.

By the way, I wonder if you could please help me out with another matter that's related. What's up with the fact that Add-ins that show up when launching Outlook with Run as Administrator are not necessarily the same that show up when logging in as the user? And more confusing still, with some that show up for both types of login, if I enable some after having logged in with Run as Administrator, I then log out and log back in as the user only to find that now they still appear but are disabled -- until I enable them again, this time as the user! Very confusing indeed.

Any chance you have a link that explains what's going on there, and the most appropriate way to manage things?

Thanks again!
If the addin is installed using admin rights it might only be available when running as admin. You should always install as your user and when given the option, for all users.
BTW - these are the 3 locations where addins are listed in the registry - are the addins that are only available for the admin listed in any of these locations?
There are none in Admin that are not in user. In fact, NOW they're both the same lists! Earlier, VBA for Outlook was only showing under user and not for Admin. Weird. Anyway, never did I have any that only showed up for Admin.

Either way, the question I'm trying to address is about enabling/disabling.

I never install when logged into Outlook via Run as Administrator or when logged into Windows as Administrator. Moreover, as I said, some items show up under Add-ins regardless of whether I launch Outlook as Run as Administrator or as the user -- in my most recent case they were all disabled for Admin and for the user -- and when I enabled them for Admin they were still disabled for the user (so I had to then also enable them for the user).

I'm guessing that maybe, since I never run Outlook after launching it with Run as Administrator -- and since I always do as you say and install apps in Windows for the user or for all users but always when logged in as the user -- the only thing I care about regarding the status of Add-ins in terms of being enabled vs disabled is what I see when logged into Outlook as the user. Would you agree?
Well, I have more testing to do but it seems Sperry Send Individually for Outlook 2010 may indeed have been the cause of (or a contributor to) conflicts causing Outlook on that one machine to fail to update changes made elsewhere to Contacts in my Exchange environment. It seems they have not done any updates to their version for Outlook 2010, which is a concern.

I installed a trial of MAPILab Send Personally and while it seems clean and stable it can only obtain email addresses and names for greetings etc from contacts that exist in Outlook, while Sperry can take those from an external text or Excel file and I really need that added capability.

So, I did more searching and I think I found exactly what I was hoping to find. I haven't installed it yet but their website is giving me a great deal of confidence right off the bat. Even the video showing how the product works is amazing -- and it shows all the functionality I was hoping I could find in a well maintained program. This company looks like a class act:

Email Merge Outlook |Merge Outlook Contacts |

I can't find any reviews on them whatsoever, which is odd, but the site looks very professional and the demo video speaks for itself:

Plus, they're a Silver Microsoft Partner.

I feel that that's one huge search and need that's successfully resolved.
I'm familiar with the owner - they are a good company.
Excellent. That's very reassuring. Thanks for letting me know.
Hi Jay,
we are in need of a similar tool to the Add-ins you have discussed here...wondering if you can give an update on your experience with the email merge outlook product (that is if you went with it in the end?).

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