Slow character rendering after Hebrew used

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The latest version of click-to-run Office (16.0.6568.2025) for Windows has created a character rendering and cursor movement problem in Outlook. When writing a new email or replying, characters are very slow to appear, cursor movement lags badly, and sometimes the cursor simply remains in the wrong place relative to the character just typed. The "wrong placement" problem happens most often with spaces, but can happen with any character. It is almost as if the character rendering engine is confused as to whether Hebrew or English is in use.

This problem only shows up if Hebrew has been invoked in the current Windows session. That is to say, if I am working on a Word document that contains both Hebrew and English, as long as I don't type in Hebrew, the problem doesn't appear. Once I actually type Hebrew characters in the Word document, then the problem shows up in Outlook. This problem does not show up in Word. I suspect that using Hebrew in IE or any other program would also trigger the problem in Outlook, but I haven't tested that. I suspect, but cannot test, that this problem would occur with any RTL language (Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, etc.). Once the problem occurs in Outlook, the only fix is to reboot.

Windows 10 and/or Office 2016 actually introduced a number of RTL language bugs that were not present in earlier versions. I produce custom Hebrew keyboards and associated software for both Windows and OS X, so I know of whence I speak. The other problems are highly annoying, but this new character lag problem makes Outlook practically unusable. Any ideas as to how I might get Microsoft to sit up, take notice, and actually fix the problem?
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