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My PC is several years old Dell Inspiron 17R running Windows 10 home which was upgraded from Windows 8.1. 8M RAM, plenty of hard drive. Upgraded to Office 2016 after Windows 10 upgrade because Outlook 2007 was running slow and often froze. Changed ISPs recently also and still slow, 45 - 75 seconds to load with Processing... in bottom left of Office Box taking most of time before it opens. Single IMAP Account, 2 data files, small archive and ost (358KB), all addins closed, ost repaired (had multiple errors) and compacted. In Safe Mode however, about 10 seconds till Profile screen and then only 5 more till Outlook opens. This is wife's account and she checks her mail on her IPAD occasionally. Diane, you helped me move Outlook 2013 to new PC couple of months ago awhile back. Hope you can give me insight on this problem.
PS Microsoft Support assisted because I bought Office 2016 from Trusted Tech Team online who is a Microsoft Partner. Neither could help, Microsoft 1st level told me it was a known problem of Outlook 2016 (pooh). Trusted Tech suggested repair install (didn't help), uninstall/reinstall or clean Windows reinstall as last resort.
What addins do you have installed?
If you set outlook offline, does it load fast?

Safe mode indicates it could be an addin or support file, such as favorites list in nav pane. (The favs list can be a problem with imap accounts.)
Thank you but don't have any addins and I don't see any favorite folders in Nav pane. Have never used this feature. What other support file could it be?
Setting to offline still took 45 seconds to get back in. After restart usually takes 75 seconds to come up but 40-45 if I close Outlook then and restart.
Diane, would an online session with you help solve this problem. I have not been able to find the cause after trying a lot of things to solve the problem.
Matt Waldron
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