Addins slowing me down?

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Outlook 2016 keeps telling me that add-ins are slowing things down. When i follow the link, I get a list of add-ins--but as near as I can tell, they're already disabled. The only option shown for dealing with them is "always enable."

How do I find what add-ins are currently a problem, and how do I deal with them when I do?


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I believe your problem can be solved by running 'Outlook as Admin' if you are doing this on the Desktop version of Outlook 2016.

Right-click the Outlook icon and choose 'Run as admin" If you do this to the shortcut icon instead of the actual program you will only see another link for Outlook. Right click that one and you should now see the option to "run as admin".

Once Outlook opens, navigate to File>Options>Add-ins then click Go on the "Manage Com add-ins" button.

From there, choose the add-in you want to delete and click 'remove'. This can only be done if you are running Outlook as an administrator and you will get a message saying as much if you try this under your normal User account.

I hope this helps. It works for me under the same conditions.

Diane Poremsky

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The yellow banner is just telling you that the addins were causing outlook to load slowly and it disabled them.

If you don't need the addin, leave it disabled or remove it. If its an addin you need, you can set a registry key to always enable. Always Load an Outlook Addin
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