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How do you get your rooms to show up in the room finder in Outlook 2010? Do

I have to load exchange 2010 as well?
yes, I think you will find that rooms are resources and need an Exchange

Mailbox to work.


Judy Gleeson

"Steven" <Steven> wrote in message
> How do you get your rooms to show up in the room finder in Outlook 2010?
> Do
> I have to load exchange 2010 as well?
I have Outlook 2010 running against Exchange 2010. I have my conference rooms as Room mailboxes. They do not show up in the Available Rooms automatically.

The only way to get them to show up is to add them like you would people to the invite. Then they show up and then you can select which room to use based upon the best time for the meeting for all attendees. Very disappointed since I too was thinking it would just populate rooms in that box.

If I'm missing something, please let me know.

A bit more research and if you create a distribution list with the rooms in them, then a new field appears in the room finder of Outlook. A drop down where you can select the dist list and that is supposed to populate the Rooms Avaialble box.

So, if you have multiple buildings you can easily select the rooms in a building to view.
In order for the distribution list you created that has the room mailboxes within them the distribution list needs to be classified as a room list. Apparently the only way you can do that is by going into the exchange console and putting in a command to create a distribution list withing a specific organizational unit and make it a room list. If you don't then the room list (aka distribution list) will not appear in the "show a room list" field. I just found out how to create a room list and the room mailboxes yesterday, I found the following link to be very helpful:
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