Room Finder...GONE??

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Mr Mayor

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Hello again gang,

I've got 2 users (of 100) that have suddenly lost the ROOM FINDER option in Outlook 2013. I'm not certain how it got removed, but I'm certain it's not a simple "put it back". I would think if a user could toggle it off, I could toggle it back on, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

I've seen a few M$ articles, all pointing to the registry, and have tried them to no avail. What am I missing?

Outlook-Exchange 2013
No MS upgrade involved, we were Notes 8.5.3 straight to Outlook 2013.
You can close it but the registry key should have turned it back on. Meeting tab > Room Finder button.

Are the accounts configured as Exchange accounts? If they are set up in outlook as pop3 or imap, room finder is not available. I'd also check to see if the offline address book and out of office work. Oh, first verify in File, options, Addins that the exchange addin is enabled. Outlook has been know to disable it for loading too slowly.
Hi again Diane,
All users are configured as Exchange accounts. You'll note this appeared 'suddenly'.. meaning something has changed, my user states he had it up until recently, but cannot image what happened. The Meeting tab, under OPTIONS. It's just not there, where my copy simply highlights or dims when enabled/disabled.

The rest; OOO, Offline addy, and the plugin, I need to double check. Pretty sure I verified the Exchange add in was there, the rest, no so sure.
Hello again: Issue resolved.
It was indeed the Exchange Add-in, it had moved to the disabled list just as you said. Re-enabled it, restarted Outllook, and Room Finder returned. Odd how everything worked perfectly without the addin loaded, except this one single button (or so we saw anyway)

Thank you!
The addin mostly handles calendar processing, so its not surprising that you didn't notice it.
I had the same problem and tried to use this fix. My exchange addin was disabled and I've enabled it and made it active, but Room Finder is still not showing up. I'm going to try restarting the computer, but if that doesn't work, do you have any other ideas?
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