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Rickard Johansson

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I'm using Outlook 365 at work, and when booking conference rooms for meetings, I have always used the room Finder function. Due to the large number of available conference rooms, it is convenient to use Room Finder. But suddenly, the icon dissapeared. I tried adding it manually by customizing the ribbon, and it did appear, but it was now greyed out.

I have googled this for a few hours now, and there seems to be some info out there, but not any specific solution to my issue personally. Most information points toward the Microsoft Exchange Addin being inactive. I checked and it is indeed inactive. I tried re-enabling it, but the Room Finder icon is still missing (or greyed). I tried restarting Outlook and still it was missing. Also, the Microsoft Exchange Addin was again inactive.

I have also spent a few hours with our help desk without result.

It seems to me that the issue is connected to the Exchange Addin being inactive at start up. Perhaps Room Finder will only appear if the Microsoft Exchange addin is activated durin startup?

I might add that I have spent some time looking in the Registry Editor to try and find the Load Behavior of the addin. Once I found it, I could see that it was set to 3, which is supposed to mean that it shall be activated during startup. It was located in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\Addins\umoutlookaddin.FormRegionAddin

Does anyone have any info on this?

Rickard Johansson

Rickard Johansson

New Member
Outlook version
Outlook 2013 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server 2013
Hi Diane,

Thanks for replying. Actually I managed to solve the issue yesterday. I'll describe how I solved it here in case someone else encounters the same problem. It was very simple. I went to File > Options > Add-ins. I could see that the Micsosoft Exchange Add-in was inactive. At the bottom of the dialogue box, I selected COM Add-ins from the drop down menu and clicked Go... I selected the Microsoft Exchange Add-in and noted it's Location, and then clicked Remove. I then clicked Add... and browsed to the location of the Add-in added it. Then it worked. Can't believe I didn't try that earlier.

Anyway, thanks for your help :)

Rickard Johansson
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