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We are running Office 365. We have the conference rooms set as resources. Senior management want to change the display names and email addresses. How will this affect existing recurring meetings in those rooms? I have tried to make the change, but in the O365 admin interface shows me that the account does not have the ability to add a secondary email address as it doesn't have an Exchange Online license. Any ideas? Thanks.
it shouldn't affect existing meetings on the calendar or in other mailboxes in the server - the name/address will update.

You used to be able to add additional addresses to resource mailboxes- let me check... it still works here - i added the bluesuv address. You need to do it from the exchange portal, not from the main admin portal.

I was able to follow your example and change the name and email address without issue. Thanks. One major thing - if a admin assistant opens her calendar view and has added the resource to her "rooms: view, she cannot open the recurring events that were created in the old name. Any ideas on how I can extend permissions or allow the old meetings to be opened and viewed?
Actually - with a bit more testing of other conference rooms, it appears as if the "Room" is working as designed. After a manual address book download, she can see it in the GAL. Thanks a ton - Diane
Made the change over the weekend - now the recurring meetings still have the old room name. Meeting organizers will have to manually change the resource to get the new name to show up. Is that correct?
Now management wants a powershell script to update the conference room for each person. Anyone know how to write that cmdlet?
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