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Ian Thomas

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 64 bit
Email Account
Outlook.com (as MS Exchange)
Partner's system -
Computer effectively dead - won't recognize graphics cards, though the new GeForce GT710 works fine in other desktops.
But the SSD is all OK. I now have a new computer up and running (a Dell Optiplex) but fitting another SSD into that small box is not something I want to do.

However, I decided to buy a Home subscription to Office365, and need to retain the .PST files that were attached to Outlook 2010 in the dead computer. Outlook was primarily used as Outlook.com for the last 5+ years, but the old email accounts were also active within the Outlook 2010 application.

There are 2 .PST files - one is 1.5GB, the other 4.5GB - large.

What can I do - short of installing a desktop Outlook version (retrieving its license to 2020 by talking to Microsoft, I guess) ??
More - some online research, last posts are in 2015 - answers.micrsoft.com, shortened here

This seems to have been successful, but is a bit of work. I wouldn't be concerned about duplicates, but not sure about Contacts and Calendars
- largely the advice of Karl Timmermans [Outlook MVP 2012-2018]
However, it had desktop Outlook 2013 installed

There is also a commercial product, $US 99 -
Outlook to Office 365 Migration Software
Best Tool to Migrate Outlook PST to Office 365
Outlook to Office 365 Migration Tool – Upload Outlook PST File into O365

promises to do everything w/o problems.

Perhaps Microsoft has provided some migration tools since 2015?
I have not progressed since posting that in 02/2020 - have recently updated the problem description - asking for help.
What can I do - short of installing a desktop Outlook version (retrieving its license to 2020 by talking to Microsoft, I guess) ??

Are you needing to get the pst files off the old computer or open and read them? You can only read them in outlook - but as long as the data is in a pst and you can get the pst, all you need to do is copy the files to a new computer and open them.

>> However, I decided to buy a Home subscription to Office365,
Office 365 can be installed on up to 5 of your computers per licensed user. No need to call microsoft.

If you want to import the contents of the pst into an outlook.com mailbox, you need the pst then file > open and export > import. The old article you linked is not 100% valid - you'll use exchange servers, not the outlook connector these days and do not need to use imap to upload mail to the exchange server.
Thanks for the response, Diane.
I will explain - not really complicated, and probably quite common.

I have all the PST files safely stored (I am not concerned about the .ost), and have them documented (ie, i know when, where, who owned them, etc).

I have Office 365 on 2 computers, and what I would like to do is to make those prior outlook transactions that are within 2 or 3 PST that were used by person A with another email address in the past. That email address is still active, despite contacting people over the 6 years and having for all that time used an outlook.com email. (relatives can be dense or careless - and then wonder why you have not replied)

Similar situation for person B (me) - I have an old PC with Outlook 2013 desktop, and it receives emails belonging to 4 or 5 addresses that I "own" - Outlook.com and Hotmail.com are connected to the Microsoft Exchange server in the usual way, but a GMail address and 2 iiNet addresses (ISPs compulsory allocation when you sign up) are on-forwarded, something that I did a long time ago. I do not have any PST files "attached" to that Outlook 2013 install.
I also have a new computer, with Office 365 installed. I don't want to install older desktop Outlook there.
On that computer, I do want to attach the safely-stored PST files to Outlook 365 Home, if that is possible.
I do recall that you instructed me about using the Outlook Connector - which seemed to change versions or something similar, over the transition period of outlook.com accounts.
Is there now a simple Import from Outlook 365?
And will that handle all the Outlook 2013 and 2010 entities? I have MAPI address books and possibly RSS feeds (but they can be deleted, podcast software is much more useful).
I have seen chatter about some PST files with encoding problems. I am assuming that does not apply in my case.

Too many questions?
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