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Hi! my name is Luis and new to the forums, did a quick search and did not find another thread with this topic, so here I go

I use outlook 2010 32 bits with the latest connector

I have a yahoo account (imap) that syncs perfectly, a gmail account (imap) that syncs perfectly and a hotmail account (outlook connector) that is making my hair go green.

I´m an email pack rat, I almost never delete stuff so I ended up with HUGE pst files from when you could use Hotmail as a pop3 account (5 gigs)

From a work I recently quit I brought home my pst file and it was 7 G; basically did a drag and drop on my gmail account, it took forever (left it over night) but all my email was in the cloud! now I could access it anywhere

I wanted to do exactly the same with my personal email, setup the connector, draged and droped and it SEEMED to work; but unlike the gmail account where the mails where uploaded in real time; apparently you can drag and drop in the hotmail file, but it syncs later; not realtime

and this is when stuff when south; I started to have "limited conectivity" issues; it would not download my inbox emails (busy syncing apparently) and after a while the hotmail connector decided it was enough and simply deleted the unsynced mail that still was in the outlook file but not on the cloud

I managed to get 2.5 G of mails into hotmail by uploading small batchs of emails, waiting for them to sync (monitor the hotmail account on a web browser) and start over again... but it´s taking forever!!!!

is there a better way to do this?


unfortunately not - although it should be almost real time with hotmail too. Are you putting mail into the inbox or creating folder for it? Others have had better luck creating folders online and letting them sync down, then adding mail to them.

also, check the Sync issues folder for possible errors.
Thanks! I´m doig the folder thing... but it´s slow! with Imap I just draged and dropped everything (put everything in a single folder and dragged it over to gmail)

left it overnight and that is it... but outlook connector makes mistakes of gets hung up

anyway if there is no other way I´ll do it little by little

thanks again!
I am not aware of an easier way. The connector seems to be touchy - it doesn't like some characters but its impossible to avoid them in email.
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