Trouble Running Outlook 2007 and 2010

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We have 3 PCs running Office 2007 at one of our locations and everyone else running 2010. We have a user that moved to the larger location (using 2010) from the smaller one (2007) and is having issues launching Outlook at the smaller location when she goes back there from time to time.

When she moved to the new location, she had just gotten married, so her username and email address changed. When she logged into 2010, there were no issues but when she goes to the old location and logs in on 2007, she gets the following errors.

  1. You have a previous version on Microsoft exchange messaging service create a new profile.
  2. The mail profile (user) was created with a newer version of outlook and might contain information that is not compatible with your current outlook version if you experience problems you can create a new profile in windows control panel open mail then click show profiles then click add.
  3. Cannot open your default email folders the information store could not be opened.

I created a new profile for her new username, which works until she restarts and tries to open Outlook again. What can I do to resolve this?

if she is using two versions of outlook and a roaming profile, she needs to use 2 outlook profiles - one for each version of outlook.

Create a profile in outlook 2007. Name it "Use with 2007". Repeat using Outlook 2010. Set outlook to ask which profile to choose - and she chooses the profile based on which outlook she is at.
I'll try that. Is there a reason, though, that she is the only one that has issues? We probably have 5 or 6 users that login on the PCs with 2010 and 2007 and she's the only one that effected.
on #1 and 2, they should all get the 'this profile was created in a newer version'. Are they all using roaming profiles?

Oh, and on 3, one cause is using Outlook in compatibility mode. If separate profiles doesn't help that error, check the compatibility settings on outlook.exe.
No, none of the 'floaters' are using roaming profiles. The effected user did have a roaming profile but I had already removed that to see if it was the issue.
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