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I have Outlook 2010 and I am wondering if there is a way to set default values such as city, area code, province, country, to save time when entering new contacts? Also we now have to use 10 digit dialing and I would like to make sure all of my existing contacts are updated without having to do them one by one.

Any help appreciated.


If you have a lot of contacts, there are addins you can use to update all -

If you don't have a lot, create a custom phone list view with the fields you need to see (name, city, phones) and in-cell editing enabled. You review the list of numbers and edit in place, without opening the contacts.
Thank you that would help on the dialing issue. Any thoughts on the default values question?

If you use the correct location in the regional settings (Control panel, Region and Language), the contacts should default to the correct country in the address field. You could create a custom form with other fields filled in so you have less typing. Another option is a macro with some fields preset. I'd probably use the macro, its a little easier and is easy to edit if you need to change a city or something.

Public Sub CreateNewContact()

Dim objMsg As ContactItem

Set objMsg = Application.CreateItem(olContactItem)
With objMsg
.BusinessAddressCity = "Halifax"
.BusinessAddressCountry = "Canada"
.Business2TelephoneNumber = "902123" 'the area code and local prefix

End With

Set objMsg = Nothing

End Sub
I have never created macros before in outlook not even sure where to start....,

Is there a simple utility? or recorder that you can do the actions on screen and then just have it play later?

What did you mean by a form? do you mean create a blank contact with those fields then do a save as?


Thank you, I notice that the "902" which is the area code goes in to the main 7 digit phone section. I looked on the properties page and could not find the value that corresponds to the area code section. I mention this because outlook seems to require me to put the area code in that section when you click on the business tab in the phone section it then adds they 1 in front of everything so that it will sync properly with my phone. I tried putting a 1 in front of the 902 however it then ends up with two 1's in the phone number ie" 1 19020000000

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
When I tested it, I just typed the last 7 digits after the 902 (in the contact window, not the check numbers dialog) and the number completed correctly. If you are entering numbers in your own area code, setting it up in Control panel, phone and modem will allow you to enter 7 digit numbers - outlook will add the area code (and should add the country code) for you.
Hi yes it does work in terms of the 7 digits however the 1 will not go in front until I click on the check numbers dialog which shows the full number breakdown along with the extension box if that is needed I guess I was hoping to automate that part....

However this alone with the state/province and city and country is a time saver :)


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