Autoaccept/autodeny meeting request after crosscheck with calendar

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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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I am new to Outlook and search for a VBA script whi can be called by a rule in Outlook 2010. The rule calls the script when a meeting request message or a meeting reschedule message is received. The script should check in my calender whether the meeting time span start date+time minus 5 minutes until end date+time plus 5 minutes is free time in my calendar. If no, the script should reject the request or reschedule and if yes, the script should accept the request or reschedule. The script should work also for requests for recurring meetings. Some background information regarding the +/- 5 minutes: Driver of the +/- 5 minutes is, that I need to take care to have enough time to walk from one meeting room to the next meeting room.

In the Internet I found a script to autoaccept meeting requests. But it does just accept all requests without checking for free time in the calendar. Has anyone a script that comes near to what I need. I think I could do some small adjustments to an existing script but I am lost to build one from scratch.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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