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I'm trying to consilidate a client folder we have. Bascially we have a client folder with many subfolders for different activities.

Going forward for 2013 I want to place all those folders into a folder called "emails pre-2013" and create another folder named "emails 2013".

The problem I'm having is some of the folders with have their own respective subfolders gives an error message that indicates the following "Cannot move the items. Cannot copy this folder because it may contain private items."

Can someone provide some information as to how to resolve this action.

Thank you in advance.
Is this in a private mailbox or in a public folder?

First, if using 2 mailboxes, are you opening it as a second mailbox (as the owner) or as a shared mailbox delegate? You shouldn't open a mailbox in your profile (as a second mailbox) if you are a delegate. You need to open it as a shared mailbox.

Outlook looks to see if items are mark private only when a folder is opened. When you try to copy a folder with subfolders between mailboxes, outlook doesn't actually open the folder and outlook can't tell if there are any items in the subfolders that might be marked private. That's behind the "may contain private items" message.

You have two choices: move the subfolders out, one folder at a time, then re-arrange them once moved.

Or give your account delegate permission to the second mailbox, with the option to 'let delegates see my private items' enabled. To do this, log into the second mailbox (need to open it as the first account in the profile) and give your other account full delegate access.

Open Outlook using a profile where your main mailbox is the first account and the second is opened as a shared mailbox.

The first might be easiest, depending on how deeply nested the folders are.
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