emails with attachments keep sending... HELP!!!

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Hi.. HELP!!!

I've adjusted the timeout, but it happened AGAIN.. Outlook 2007 enterprise.. the attachment was only 3 or 4 meg...

It has now caused the server I was going through to be blacklisted.. getting that sorted out, but what else could be causing this?? :confused:

Very frustrating when I am sending to prospective clients.. :mad:


Peter G.
thanks.. I'm using PCTOOLS internet security.. outlook shut down the add-in quite a while ago, and I never put it back.. INTELLIGUARD was set to scan emails on receipt as well as when sending.. I've turned that off now just now.. fingers crossed.. thanks for the hint to search there again... :)

Is there anything else I should be checking into?
You can check to see if it happens in Safe mode but the usual cause is a scanner taking too long to scan the message and Outlook doesn't get confirmation back from the server that it accepted the message, so it tries again. Larger messages are more likely to be affected because it takes the scanner longer to scan and send.

If the antivirus is doing its job, you won't be infected, so no need to scan outgoing mail. I wouldn't scan incoming either - if you happen to open an infected message, the scanner will pick it up then. Chances are that everything the scanner id's as infected is something you knew was bad news anyway.
Thank you for that Diane. Sounds logical to me.. Have stopped outgoing check, but afraid to test it.. Seems to be a random thing. I agree about the first incoming as well.. Will disable that as well.
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